So I've been home for two weeks now, and let me tell you, adjusting back is just as hard. Theres been constant disagreements between my family and I, withdrawal from the fresh Italian cuisine, regaining patience with my little sisters (If I had any in the first place).... The list goes on. 
       It's not easy coming home, well to a house thats not considered your home, no friends closer than 9 hours and just an unfamiliar city. When I arrived I had no room to unpack in or even a bed so I'm currently living out of my suitcase until we move to our new house, July 18th. This summer looks like just another GHS one, "Getting house settled" I miss my friends in Oakwood but also Italy. I talk to my host brother everyday and have been skyping my "Mamma Finta" (Fake mom) about twice a week. I just want my own space and a few friends to get out of the house with.... My little sisters are driving me insane!!!!! I'll try to get my last pictures in Italy up soon and also a few of my first pictures in America! Thanks for reading :)
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I was thinking about this title, and I would like to tell you all that I am not litteraly running, you can tell from the grand total of 20 pounds I have gained in 5 months!!! Woo! But the title, I am in such a rush all the time, trying to soak up everything, but I can't keep up with how fast time is passing. I'm having a blast with my host brother, I mentioned him earlier but we get along great and I love how open his friends are.
Another update is that I have started a long-distance relationship, again.... My mom wasn't surprised how wonderful my timing was, when I have two months left, meet a guy. But hey, it happens. Since almost everyone reading this is family, he is a wonderful guy and theres no need to run any background checks. He is from Florida, but doing his exchange in Northern Italy. We'll see how it goes!
I can not wait to see my sisters and watch them jump all over me, it really hasn't hit me yet though, I feel rushed, but I don't feel the reality if you can understand that. It probably won't hit me till a week later in America. And mom, until dad returns I call the right side of your bed!! :) 
Can't wait to see everyone! More pictures!
I love my life, I love the smile that I can't hide, I have never been this happy in my life, the golden times. I have figured myself out, my beliefs, my desires... I feel put together, for the first time. No doubts, not scared to face challenges!

My host brother came home the other day and I absolutely love him! He's great, we get along really well, I met all his friends and it's just nice to have someone your age out in the country who you can go one vespa rides with and just take in everything. The family I'm with now is almost on the same level of my biological family, haha. I love them so much, love their open minds and how they raise they're kids... Only complaint is my host mom cooks too well and I have filled out my jeans a little bit too much, I'll live though. 
I will be home in little over 2 weeks... Sad to leave this, but also excited to be able to say "yeah, I did that."
I have made friends that I'll have forever, Marta, Arianna, Nadisha, Rob, Emma, Tristan, Eleanora, Costanze, Prince... The list goes on. My class is just now starting to come together as a whole, and they're all really good kids! Maybe I'll have a few visitors! :) My mom would just love hosting 27 kids!

Wow, today is May 16th, somehow, not quite sure how I got to this point of my exchange, but I will be landing in Maryland this time next month. All I can say is "oh-no" I have achieved a lot, the language, friends, the view of America in a different light, getting over exs and moving on, being independent.... And just so much more! This weekend was spent with my friend (Federico) who did an exchange in America last year who came to visit me and a group of about 8 from Cremona, north of Florence. It was probably one of the best weekends I have had here, I really miss the spirit of Americans and how much fun you can have with kids you don't really know but can relate to. Definitely made friends that I will keep in touch with. They were all talking about getting ready to go home and how they have all their friends waiting for them and their house.... I got pretty sad, I'm going home to my family but thats about it, it's a lot but also kind of scary. Getting off and just starting over, I'm pretty tired of it but trying to stay positive. I think I'm going to keep blogging just to see how the transition is going to be, I know for sure not easy. Here's just a few pictures!
Wow, I've been slacking off with this blog thing.... The more time I spend here the more busy I get. Time is flying, and I'm having so much fun in the midst of it. I have one more month left and trying my hardest to cram as much friendship, family, language and growth in it! I don't have much time to write since I have to go study for my spanish test but heres some pictures to fill you in! Enjoy, and thank you all so much!
       So here we are, the coming home freaking out stage! Wow, only two more months until the closure to this chapter in my life.... I switched houses little over a week ago, and I have never been happier! I am living an hour outside the city, wrapped in the tuscan country hills. I live in a little town called Leccio, it contains about 500 people so everyone knows each other, almost like Oakwood, but just smaller. I'm living a dream, walking through vineyards and fields barefoot, screaming Italian from my patio to greet my neighbors, handwashing dishes with the windows wide open delivering a fresh breeze. The weather has been perfect, 75° with a slight breeze, the sun feels different here too, it dances along your skin transferring all the energy through every sense of your body. It's hard to explain the feelings I have consumed. I have this sense of freedom out here, I have always considered myself a city girl.... This has obviously changed. As long as I have a road to take me into the city when I want or should I say train. Every day I take the train to and from school, it's fun for me! 
        My third family is amazing! Third try's a charm, my second family was also great but this one, I just fit. There's my dad (Salvatore) he's one of five, and I have learned so much from him. He's a craftsmen, hard working man, he is one of five boys and came to Tuscany with one other brother when he was 13 to work, leaving the rest of his family in the southern tip of Italy. He worked on a farm, and saved up all his money. His philosophy that he drills into my head is to remain positive and work hard because life is beautiful. When he was 27 he found the most perfect match, (Rosa). She is the sweetest and most intelligent lady and let me tell, she is feeding me quite well, the cause of these extra parts on my body. She doesn't work so has all the time in the world to listen to me talk and talk or cook.
       Unfortunatly, They both were unable to have kids, so with the help of MOTHER THERESA, (They really knew her) they adopted Josy at 9 months from India. She is now 20 and attending university. A little later they adopted another child, but a son at 19 months. He is now in Chicago doing an exchange (18 years old) and will be coming back May 25th, so we get a few weeks together! 
       This family is beautiful, hard-working and appreciative for everything. Happy and close. I can laugh and say whatever I want without a single judgement. Family is the most important factor in my life, the biggest lesson learned during these months. Your parents brought you life, love them for giving you the best gift that can be recieved and love what you are given. La vita è bella! Have a wonderful day! 
Hi everyone! 
I wanted to share yesterdays' adventure with you guys since it is probably my favorite day I've had here in Italy. 
Yesterday my host parents took the three exchange students (me, Tristan and Emma) to the most gorgeous place called Portofino! It is up north near Genova. I fell in love with the warm spring-time air, strong sea breeze which messed up my way too long hair that is in desperate need of a hair cut, and just the tranquility... Leaving the city and the daily routine was just a pleasant reminder of how blessed I am. I had one more wish though and that was to have my parents and friends there to see all that I can't put into words. I don't even know how to describe it so I'll just let you see for yourself.... here's the pictures. 
So, I have a few things that need to get done, blog update and spending three hours translating , studying, then finding an answer, then translating some more for this chemistry homework... Of course I chose to do the easiest first, updating my friends and family on my Italian life. 
Well the latest news is trying to find a return date, so stressful! I don't do very well with thinking and planning out the future, it seems to never go as I plan so I've learned to not sweat it and just take things as it comes, but sadly can't play that game for this cause. 
I'm also planning a trip to Milan with Emma's Rotary club. Probably around the 3rd of April and later in April I will hopefully be going to Venice with my current host family! I feel so guilty, being in Italy for a year and not being able to travel... It's almost a crime. 
Other than those things nothing really has been going on. I'm happy and the days are floating along quite calmly. My parents are always happy to hear that I have not found an Italian lover and I am not failing English class, so life is good! This is my 6th month here, I can believe it, almost done! Then back home to my family and adjusting to a whole new situation all over again... I am actually looking forward to another beginning, It's bad my crave for changes but I know I'll be fine as long as I have my family by my side. 
Sorry these took so long to get up!!